Minercell use the top of technology, with state of the art production facilities, producing environmentally friendly, highly durable and fire-resistant construction panels for modern internal and external cladding of buildings and a wide range of other applications.


Under the name Bioboard we are offering a wide range of modern and highly decorative panel materials which allow an enormous freedom of creativity for Architects and interior designers.

Our innovative and modern production process allows us to produce a wide range of panels in different formats and dimensions to the exact needs of our customers in terms of technology and design.

Our raw materials are absolutely environmentally friendly, recyclable, formaldehyde free and non-toxic.

We are producing to the state with the lowest environmental impact reducing our carbon footprint to the bare minimum possible.
Human resources
As a young and dynamic company, we are offering an excellent opportunity for highly qualified young people who want to challenge the career.
Contact our Human resource department.
Quality and Environment
All our products are showing approved sustainable quality with and accuracy and dimension.
A fully certified and externally audited production will give transparency to our customers and the authorities.