Bioboard is the new innovative non-flammable construction pannel with no formaldehyde emission, strong resistance against weathering paired with a very high dimensional stability, no effect of biodegradation organisms.
All this is coupled with a wide range of colour and design options.


This is the heart of our innovation a product which shows universal features like high dimensional stability mechanical strengths, top class fire resistance, termite resistance, water stability.

Bioboard Original is a naturally decorative product with individual design features and also in monochromatic colours.

Bioboard can be used in a wide field of interior and exterior applications.
Bioboard Décor
This is a typical product which can be tailor made for specification markets where any decorative laminate décors and textures are available.

Bioboard Décor imparts its superior technical characteristics in mechanical strengths and fire resistance. 
Bioboard ICare is an aluminium laminated interior panel with exceptionally high levels of hygiene in environments where bacteria and dirt pose a real threat.
Bioboard Metallic

Bioboard Metallic was developed specially for exterior application.

It allows a wide range of different textures and designs (such as Aluminium, Inox, Brass, Bronce) coupled with the natural high degree light reflection ‘cooling' buildings.

Bioboard Cork
Bioboard Cork is a mineral composite panel product which combines the characteristics of extremely low flammability and thermal and sound insulation properties imparted by the use of the bark of Portuguese Cork Oak trees.
Bioboard Flex
The unique properties of Bioboard Flex were developed to design free form curved or waved shapes in the longitudinal or orthogonal panel direction.
This allows for curved wall shapes of interior and exterior designs with a wide variety of different surfaces and colours imparting also acoustic absorption properties.
Bioboard Processing advice
Bioboard can be cut and machined with all conventional wood and panel processing tools and equipment. Carbide tipped tools are recommended.
Edge banding is not necessary since Bioboard brings solid and impact resistant edge already.
Bioboard can also be three dimensionally processed since its interior structure is homogeneous.
The connection between Bioboard can be either mechanical or by all conventional resin systems.
Typical Fields of application for Bioboard in interior uses
Horizontal interior surfaces (e.g. Table tops, Kitchen worktops, bathroom desks)
Wall and Ceiling cladding
Wall protection where robustness, impact resistance and fire rated materials are needed
Toilet Cubicles
Column claddings
Typical Fields of application for Bioboard in exterior uses

Exterior Wall cladding and Facades
Exterior surfaces (e.g. Playgrounds, Bistro tables, window silts,)
Balcony claddings